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Mold inspections are important because they can save you thousands of dollars in repairs and restoration. If you suspect mold in your home, you should get it inspected immediately by a professional.

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Mold is part of the environment and plays a very important role in breaking down dead organic matter like dead trees or fallen leaves. However, having mold growing inside your property should be avoided. It thrives in moist areas, some of them can grow on wood, carpet, paper, food, or insulation. Since some of these spaces are not visible, this problem is difficult to detect. If you suspect there is something out of place, get our mold testing services! We are based in Sayreville, NJ but serve the entire state of New Jersey.

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Mold exposure provokes a variety of health effects, including allergic reactions, asthma, and other respiratory issues. The best way to keep the problem under control is to reduce the sources of moisture. Our mold inspection and testing services will give you more insight into what needs to be done if the results come out positive. Early mold detection can save you a lot of money, so don’t let it spread to other parts of your home.

Identify the Signs

Our professional mold testing service will allow you to rest easy knowing what is going on inside your home in Sayreville, NJ, or the surrounding area. Beware of dark spots on your walls or ceiling and musty odors. If your allergies mysteriously worsen or you get a cold that won’t go away, it is time to contact our professionals.

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Identify the presence of mold inside your home. If you’ve noticed a musty smell or seen discolored spots on your ceiling or walls, contact us.