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Wood Destroying Insects

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A WDI Inspection Can Save Your Foundations in Sayreville, NJ and the Rest of New Jersey

Wood destroying insects are known for eating away your property.

Protect yourself from those troublesome bugs by getting a WDI inspection. Pay close attention to the signs because leaving this problem unattended can result in costly repairs and even put your life in danger. Don’t let these insects eat away your foundations. Contact us right away if you see mud tubes, bubbling paint, or tiny holes on wooden surfaces and discarded wings near your window sills. We are based in Sayreville, NJ, but also serve the rest of New Jersey.

Get a Termite Inspection Today!

We work with termite inspection experts who know how to detect wood-eating insects.

The most common bugs found in homes include:

  • Termites: They usually look for areas that offer moisture, food, and shelter close to the ground.
  • Carpenter bees: Their nests are made by tunneling into the wood. Each one has several tunnels with a perfectly circular entrance that can be found on your fascia, soffit, under a beam, bench, or tree.
  • Carpenter ants: They thrive indoors and outdoors, especially in moist, hollow, or decaying wood. Some common areas where they can build a nest include windows, decks, roof eaves, porches, and more.
Save Time and Money By Detecting the Problem Early

Schedule a WDI inspection today and prevent these bugs from eating away at your foundation. Leaving this problem unattended can lead to serious structural problems. Talk to our experts in Sayreville, NJ, now. We also serve everyone in the entire state of New Jersey.

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